Big curl virgin weaved hair, 0.22 pnd (95-100 grams), 10-24 inches (25-60 cm)


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  • Elegant, Unique and High-quality, 100% virgin human hair, still have hair cuticle and all in the same direction. Holding good texture and no shedding, lasting silky look, and feel
  • About 100g/bundle. Usually, 3 bundles are enough to make A FULL HEAD. If you like THICKER or need LONGER HAIR, it's best to wear ONE MORE BUNDLE. As the Longer the Length is, the Thinner the hair is
  • Holding good texture and no shedding, lasting silky look, and feel
  • With no artificial or non-human hair mixed in it. Can be dyed to any colour of your choice. It can also be permed, straightened, tongued and treated just like your own natural hair
  • Each bundle is 95-98 grams = 3.5oz
  • Hair Color: Natural Color curly hair that can be Dyed and Bleached.
  • We pride ourselves in prompt delivery.
  • Guaranteed Satisfaction or MONEY BACK.

NOTE: iHair- The United States Trustworthy Brand. We have NOT AUTHORIZED any other sellers to sell our products. iHair Allowed Only